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Surgical Oncology

The department of Surgical Oncology at MMHRC, treats all cancer patients, and is assisted by well equipped radiology and imaging facilities. This department is manned by site-specific specialists and backed by well equipped operation theatres and intensive care units.

The department of Surgical Oncology routinely performs radical procedures in patients with head and neck, breast, gynaecological malignancies and soft tissue tumours. All cases are planned by the tumour board, which is a multi-disciplinary board including Radiation and Medical Oncologists. At MMHRC, we follow evidence based management protocols which are accepted worldwide.


Facilities & Equipment

  • Screening of all cancers
  • Dedicated Breast Clinic
  • Multi-disciplinary tumour board


  • Dr. R. Vijaya Bhaskar, M.S, M.Ch.(Surg. Onco) - Sr. Consultant
  • Dr. O.L. Sadasivam, M.S, FICS, - Sr. Consultant


Head and Neck Surgery

Head and neck malignancies refer to a broad group of malignancies arising from the mucosal surface of head and neck area. These types of malignancies typically are squamous in nature. The number of head and neck cancers is on the rise and currently is the leading cause of death among men affected with cancers. Head and neck cancers encompass a diverse group of uncommon tumors that frequently are aggressive in their biologic behavior. We do a wide variety of radical procedures and the commonest procedures done are highlighted:

  •   Larynx Conservation Surgery
  •  Total Laryngectomy
  •  Total Laryngectomy with partial Pharyngectomy with PMMC flap reconstruction
  •  Total Laryngopharyngo Oesophagectomy for hypopharyngeal cancers
  •  Hemiglossectomy & Total Glossectomy
  •  Composite resection for oral cavity malignancies
  •  Supra Omohyoid neck dissection/ Modified radical neck dissection/ Radical neck dissection
  •  Hemi & total Thyroidectomy
  •  Superficial and Radical Parotidectomy
  •  Composite resection for submandibular gland malignancy
  •  Partial & total Maxillectomy
  •  Skull base resection
  •  Wide excision of vascular and other soft tissue tumours.

Breast Malignancies

Breast cancers are rising in incidence throughout the developing world. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women, accounting for 32% of all female cancers. Breast cancer also is responsible for 15% of cancer deaths. Our department offers screening for asymptomatic women provides counseling for high risk individuals and guides them regarding various risk reducing interventions. The commonest procedures done in our department for breast malignancies are as follows:


  •  Lumpectomy
  • Axillary clearance
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy/Radical Mastectomy
  • Toilet Mastectomy
  • Breast Conservation Surgery/Oncoplastic breast surgery
  • Breast reconstructive surgery

Gynaecological  Malignancies

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death, due to malignancy in women. We provide screening for early detection as well as vaccination for primary prevention in selected individuals. Surgery alone is curative in early stages of cervical carcinoma.

The incidence of Ovarian cancer is on the rise and usually present at an advanced stage. With the recent advances in chemotherapy, we can salvage even advanced cases by giving neoadjuvant therapy and planning surgery after achieving a response. The surgeries that are performing for gynecological malignancies are as follows

  • Wide excision with flap reconstruction for Vulval cancers
  • Inguinal Block Dissections
  • Ovarian Staging Laparotomy for ovarian malignancies
  • Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo oophorectomy for Endometrial cancers
  • Wertheims Hysterectomy with Bilateral Pelvic lymph nodal dissection for cancer cervix
  • Partial and total pelvic exenteration
  • Radical Vulvectomy

Skin and Soft tissue tumours

Skin malignancies usually occur in cases of chronic sun exposure, persistent irritation and in immunodeficient states.

Sarcomas are rare (<1% of all malignancies) mesenchymal neoplasms that arise in bone and soft tissues. Sarcomas are one of the most common solid tumors of childhood and are the fifth most common cause of cancer deaths in children. Sarcomas may be divided into two groups, those derived from bone and those derived from soft tissues. The surgeries for skin and soft tissue tumors are as follows:

  • Wide excision of soft tissue tumors

  • Compartmental excision
  • Limb conservation surgery
  • Wide excision of skin tumors with reconstruction

Thoracic Malignancies

Lung cancer ranks among the most common and most lethal malignancies worldwide. Most Lung cancers are directly attributable to cigarette smoking. Early detection of Lung cancer offers a high chance of cure with surgery as the main stay of treatment. Malignant pleural effusions are best palliated by Intercostal drainage followed by pleurodesis. The following surgeries are performed for Thoracic malignancies 

  • Excision of Mediastinal tumors
  • Lobectomy/Pneumonectomy for Lung cancers
  • Excision of Thymic tumors
  • Pleurodesis for Malignant Pleural effusions
  • Chest wall resection for soft tissue tumors

      Urological Malignancies

In India, Urologic malignancies account for about 20% of all cancers in men and <3% in women. A standard treatment approach is the key for appropriate management. We perform the following radical procedures for Urologic malignancies

  •           Radical Prostatectomy for Cancer Prostate
  •        Radical cystectomy for Bladder cancer
  •        Radical Nephrectomy for Renal cell cancer
  •        Retroperitoneal Lymph node dissection for testicular cancer
      GI Malignancies

     Gastrointestinal cancers are common diseases worldwide. Management options for patients with GI cancer have undergone dramatic changes in the past decade. The following radical surgeries are performed in our department:

    Radical surgeries for Upper and Lower GI Malignancies
  •            Staging Laparotomy
  •        Total/Distal gastrectomy
  •        Colectomy Hemi/Total
  •         Anterior resection/Abdominoperineal resection
  •        Retroperitoneal tumor excision
      Our mission is to provide cutting-edge multidisciplinary cancer treatment in a personalized and caring environment

Emergency Contact : 0452-2581212 ,Cardiac Emergency : 0452 -2585001