What’s life without a smile?

The congenital lip and palate anomaly has a prominent place in healthcare due to its need for the involvement of multiple disciplines for treatment – epidemiology, etiology, surgery, orthodontics, speech pathology and prosthetic rehabilitation. Children with this condition are handicapped right from birth, and the problem interferes with processes like breastfeeding and deglutition. It also causes recurrent naso-bronchial infections, defective speech, deafness, improper growth and development of maxillary arch and face, adversely affecting the total personality of the individual.

As medical professionals, we have a responsibility to rehabilitate these children aesthetically, psychologically and functionally. The right age for cleft lip surgery is 3 months; for palate surgery 6 to 14 months to get improved speech.

In our endeavor to conduct more cleft lip / palate screening camps, we are supported by the District Collectors, District Rehabilitation Officers and the Project Officer ICDS from every Tamilnadu district. MMHRC also receives generous assistance and grant from The Smile Train USA.



  • Levator palati muscles are mobilized and sutured transversely behind Uvula to improve speech
  • Nasometer to measure and give feedback on the presence of nasality in speech production
  • Expert doctors and speech therapists to provide speech training to cleft palate repaired patients (available every 15 days)
  • Free food and accommodation for the patient and attenders
  • Cleft lip surgery with primary nose correction
  • Hospital stay for the cleft-operated child until suture removal (7 days)
  • Periodic follow up of all operated cases
  • Counseling and consultation by social workers and related medical professionals


  • Dr. N. Panchavarnam, MS, M.Ch, (Plas. Sur) - Senior Consultant & Head