The science and art of managing pain.

The Department of Anesthesiology at MMHRC is a hub of excellence derived from the quality and depth of our clinical program. It is the first pain clinic in south Tamil Nadu. Here we provide a variety of services that balance expertise with compassion, an international outlook with individualized attention and the latest advancements in the discipline with uncompromised safety standards. The department has also been offering a prestigious DNB Program since 2001, proudly churning out the finest anesthesiologists in the profession each year.

We offer end-to-end  clinical services including perioperative anesthesia services, critical care medicine, and pain medicine. The department ensures complete safety of all patients who undergo surgical procedures across MMHRC.


  • 14 state-of-the-art operating rooms14 state-of-the-art operating rooms
  • 20-bed intensive respiratory care unit
  • 10-bed multi-specialty ICU as step-down ICU
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Equipped operating rooms that cater to the needs of General Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Surgical Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dental, ENT, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery and Ophthalmology
  • Anesthesia workstation with Respiratory Gas Monitoring
  • BIS monitoring to prevent allergies during surgery and while under anesthesia
  • Intubating bronchoscope
  • Nerve stimulator for Regional anesthesia
  • Neuromuscular monitoring (TOF)
  • Modern ultrasound scan machine with special emphasis on nerve blocks
  • TEG – Point of Care monitoring of coagulation
  • Rapid Fluid Warming Infusion System


  • Fluoroscopy
  • Radiofrequency generator
  • Medical ozone generator
  • Spirometry
  • Ultrasound machine


  • High-risk procedures such as Video Assisted Thoracoscopies, Intracranial Vascular Malformations, Joint Replacements, Renal Transplants, Neonatal surgeries, Oncological Reconstructive surgeries and Spine surgeries
  • Acute Pain Services (APS) to all post-operative patients
  • Transplants Surgery and Anesthesia providing comprehensive anesthesia management for renal and lungs transplant patients
  • Critical Care Unit for poison patients, neurosurgical patients, other critically ill patients, and pre- and post-operative patients
  • Pre Anesthesia Clinic (PAC) for the pre-operative analyses of patients
  • Effective Counseling for Epidural Labor pain relief from the second trimester onwards and administering Labor Analgesia during the normal delivery process
  • Smile Care Regional Center that has completed over 10,000 successful cleft lip and palate surgeries so far, absolutely free of cost
  • Subspecialties including Cardiac Anesthesiology through which we undertake a wide range of cardiac surgeries
  • Allied services include daycare procedures comprising MRI, Pediatric Intrathecal Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Oocyte Pickup and Diagnostic Endoscopic procedures


  • 4 postgraduates pass out successfully every year, comprising 2 primary and 2 post diploma, and totaling up to 10 DNB residents in the department
  • Sessions for both clinical and theoretical part of DNB syllabus by qualified Consultants and Senior Consultants
  • In-house training in all techniques and facets of anesthetics, case discussions, and discussions on journal topics


  • Dr. N. Maharajan, MD, DA, - Senior Consultant & Head
  • Dr. S. Lakshmi, MD, DA, – Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Nancy Ann Cynthia Francis, MBBS, DA, – Senior Consultant
  • Dr. D. Kannan, MBBS, DA, DNB (Anaes) – Senior Consultant
  • Dr. K.M. Senthilkumar, MBBS, DA, DNB (Anaes) – Senior Consultant
  • Dr. J. Rajesh, MBBS, DA, DNB (Anaes) – Consultant
  • Dr. K. Karthik, MD (Anaes) - Jr. Consultant