Finest quality genital healthcare.
Andrology pertains to male genital health. MMHRC’s full-fledged Andrology and Urology department caters to the male reproductive system and urological problems specific to men. We offer medical and surgical specialties focusing on the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, urethra, adrenal glands and related organs. Some of the finest doctors in the discipline, with the help of very well-trained staff, dole out innovative treatments and perform minimally invasive procedures for conditions like prostate, bladder and testicular cancers, bladder infections, prostatitis, urinary tract infections and more. The department is also a highly trusted center for male fertility test, male infertility treatment, sperm motility test, vasectomy, cystectomy, and sex change and sex reassignment surgeries. It is also counted upon for specialized services like Andrology, TVT ‘O’, ESWL and Flexible Upper Tractscopy.



  • 24-hours, world-class urological care
  • Post-operative ward with critical care facilities
  • Full-fledged OT facilities with three operation theatres, two C-arms, intra-operative Doppler and ultrasound, a Dornier ESWL compact machine with fluroscopic and ultrasound guided stone fragmentation, and a Laborie video urodynamic system
  • Laparoscopic urological armamentarium, inclusive of harmonic scalpel
  • HoYag Laser, flexible nephroureteroscopes, Argon beam coagulator, RFA and operative microscope

The specialized services include:

  • Laser Prostatectomy
  • Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery (including Donor Nephrectomies)
  • Renal Transplantation, CAPD insertion
  • Gynaec Urology TVT Insertion, Pelvic Floor Repairs
  • Endourology, PCNL and ESWL using ultrasound and fluroguide flexible scopes with HoYag Laser
  • Rigiscan NPTR, Duplex Doppler for male erectile dysfunction
  • Full workup for Male Infertility including microsurgery and ICSI
  • Management of ejaculatory disorders, EEJ
  • Prosthetic Urology, penile prosthesis
  • Urooncology including Partial Nephrectomy and Radical Prostatectomy
  • Major urological reconstructions; Buccal Graft Urethroplasties, onestaged hypospadias repairs
  • Complex pediatric urological operations including endoscopic armamentarium for PU Valves in Neonates Reconstructive surgery for Neurogenic problems
  • Videourodynamics


  • Dr. R. Ravichandran, MS., DNB (Urology) - Senior Consultant & HOD
  • Dr. K.Venugopal, M.S, DNB (Urology) – Consultant
  • Dr. Paul Vincent, DNB.,(Gen. sur) DNB.,(Uro) - Consultant