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Andrology & Urology

Andrology pertains to male health and deals with the male reproductive system and urological problems peculiar to men. Urology is the medical and surgical specialty focussing on the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, urethra, adrenal glands etc. MMHRC offers innovative treatments and management of these conditions and minimally invasive procedures if necessary. We offer the most comprehensive and sophisticated services in the hospital. This was the first department to be commissioned at the hospital under the able leadership of Dr. R. Ravichandran, the first full-time consultant, on 22nd January. 1990. The first patients were seen on 12th. April 1990 and the first urological surgery was performed on 25th April 1990.

There has been no looking back ever since. The department growth has spiralled manifold over the years creating noteworthy milestones:

  • First radical cystectomy- March 1991
  • First renal transplant -1992
  • First clam cystoplasty for neurogenic bladder -1993
  • First penile implant -1994
  • Introduced Laparoscopy- 1996
  • Dornier Compact ESWL introduced- 2000
  • First transsexual surgery - 2001
  • First laser prostatectomy - 2007

The Department caters to ten districts around Madurai and often attracts patients from Kerala and Chennai for the specialized services like Andrology, TVT "O", ESWL and flexible upper tract scopy offered at MMHRC

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Faculty of Urology

  • Dr. R. Ravichandran, MS., DNB (Urology) - Senior Consultant & HOD
  • Dr. K.Venugopal, M.S, DNB (Urology) – Consultant
  • Dr. N.Krishnamoorthy, M.S, M.Ch. (Urology) – Consultant
  • Dr. N.Sethuraman, M.S, M.Ch. ( Urology) - Founder Chairman, MMHRC
  • Dr. J. Arunkumar, DNB (Gen. Sur)., DNB (Uro) - Jr. Consultant
  • Dr. S. Ganesh Prasad, M.S (Gen. Sur)., MRCS (Edinburgh) M.Ch (Uro) - Jr. Consultant


Dr. R. Ravichandran, M.S., DNB (Urology)
Sub-specialty Laparoscopic Urology, Reconstructive Surgery, Renal transplant Surgery

Dr. Ravichandrancompled MBBS from Madurai Medical College in 1988 and did special trainee in general surgery one year (1988-89). He worked as RMO in a Nursing home at Kerala. He did M.S (Gen. Surg) from Tanjore Medical College during 1990-93. Worked as Assistant Professor in PSG Medical College, Coimbatore during 1993. He completed DNB (Uro) from MMHRC during 1995 and worked as Registrar in MMHRC during 1996. Worked as Consultant in Salem during 1997 to 2002. He Joined as Consultant in MMHRC in 2003 and promoted as Senior Consultant in 2009 and worked till March 2013. Then joined as Senior Consultant and Medical Superintendent in Meenakshi hospital, Tanjore. Again rejoined in MMHRC as Senior Consultant and HOD since 18th April, 2014. His special interest in Laparoscopic Urology, Reconstructive Urology and Renal Transplantation

Dr. K.Venugopal, M.S, DNB, Sub-specialty Endourology & ESWL

Dr. K.Venugopal completed his MBBS from Siddhartha Medical College, Vijaywada in 1987, followed by a one year compulsory rotary Internship in the attached Government Hospital. He worked at NIMS, Hyderabad, in the Department of Urology, for 4 years and later completed M.S ( Gen. Surg) at JJMMC, Davangere, Karnataka in 1995. He completed the DNB course in 1997 subsequently working as a Registrar till 2000, and was in private practice in Vijaywada till 2003, when he joined MMHRC as a consultant. He has taken it upon himself to develop and enhance sub-specialities like Endourology, PCNL and ESWL at MMHRC, apart from General Urology.

Dr. T. Suyamburaj

Medical Officer, Andrology & Sexual Medicine. Interested in counselling and research of all male sexual disorders.

Faculty Associated with GUS MMHRC

Dr. N.S. Raja was a Senior Consultant in Urology between October 1990-May 1999. Extremely academic and talented and he helped in the development of the Department of Urology at MMHRC, in its’ formative years.

Special interest in Urooncology and Urodynamics. MBBS Stanley Medical College, Chennai, MS (Gen.Surg) Stanley Medical College, Chennai, M.Ch., (Urology) Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai. Additional. training in Urology at KMC, Manipal with Prof. P. Venugopal. Now he joined as teaching faculty since July 2014.



MMHRC offers 24 hours "world class" urological care for patients. The department is manned by qualified urologists round the clock. The outpatient services operate on weekdays, Monday- Saturday between 8.30am to 6.00pm. On Sundays patients are seen between 9.00Am to 1.00Pm. It is advisable to make an appointment with the doctor, though it is not mandatory.

The inpatient services of the hospital offer excellent care for urological patients round the clock. The post-operative ward offers critical care facilities. Related facilities like respiratory care unit, faculties like Nephrology, Cardiology etc. and in-house physicians are also available. The different categories of wards include General, semiprivate, private, deluxe and ultra deluxe suites.

The department has full fledged OR facilities with three operation theatres, two C-arms, intra-operative Doppler and ultrasound, a Dornier ESWL compact machine with fluroscopic and ultrasound guided stone fragmentation and a Laborie video urodynamic system. Laparoscopic urological armamentarium is complete, inclusive of harmonic scalpel. The department has a HoYag Laser, flexible nephroureteroscopes, Argon beam coagulator, RFA and operative microscope.

Operations are done on all days, Monday - Saturday. Emergencies are attended to with expediency at all times. Every conceivable operation has been done at our Urology Centre and several surgeons of national and international fame have operated at our centre. The operative statistics of the Urology department reflect a rich experience in all the specialities of Urology.

Our forte is Laparoscopic Urology, Laser Prostatectomy, Endourological stone treatment, complex urinary reconstructions including for cancer and in children, prostatic Urology and male infertility procedures.


Specialized Services

  • Laser Prostatectomy
  • Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery (Including donor nephrectomies)
  • Renal Transplantation, CAPD insertion
  • Gynaec Urology TVT Insertion, Pelvic floor Repairs
  • Endourology, PCNL and ESWL Using ultrasound and fluroguide Flexible scopes with HoYag Laser.
  • Rigiscan NPTR, Duplex Doppler for male Erectile Dysfunction
  • Full workup for Male Infertility Including Microsurgery and ICSI
  • Management of Ejaculatory Disorders, EEJ
  • Prosthetic Urology, penile prosthesis
  • Urooncology including Partial Nephrectomy and Radical Prostatectomy
  • Major urological reconstructions Buccal Graft Urethroplasties, one staged hypospadias repairs
  • Complex paediatric urological operations including endoscopic armamentarium for PU Valves in Neonates Reconstructive surgery for Neurogenic problems
  • Videourodynamics.

Post Graduate Training Programme

The DNB in Genitourinary Surgery at MMHRC was started in January 1993, after an inspection by Prof. Roy Chally, Calicut in January 1992. Though the centre was recommended for two seats, only one student was taken, for better practical training of the candidate till 2007.

There have been three more inspections by Prof. Eshwar Goud, Prof. Ajaykumar and Prof. Sivashankar. The number of DNB seats has been increased to two since January, 2007.

  • Present Number of seats - 2
  • Course starts January each year
  • Seats are to be filled by February 15th. each year
  • After the 3 year course, candidates appear for a theory examination in the first or second week of December.
  • Results are published by National Board in March / April the following year and practical exams are conducted thereafter.

Post Graduates trained

Dr. Arvind B Lande Ijalkaranji, Maharashtra
Completed course in 1994.
Consultant in a multi-specialty hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. R. Ravichandran, Jeyamangalam, Madurai
Completed course in 1996.
At present Senior Consultant and HOD in Urology at MMHRC.

Dr. B.V. Chandrasekhar, Bangalore
Completed course in 1997.
Consultant Urologist, Bangalore.

Dr. K.Venugopal, Vijayawada
Completed course in 1998
At present Consultant in Urology MMHRC.

Dr. Prakash Ranka, Jodhpur
Completed course in 1999.
Settled in Jodhpur

Dr. Rajesh Khosla, Ludhiana
Completed course in 2000.
Settled in Ludhiana

Dr. Sujit Saikia, Guwahati
Completed course in 2001
Settled in Guwahati as a Consultant Urologist in Mahanta Hospital

Dr. Bankul Gupta , Delhi
Completed course in 2002.
Settled in Jaipur

Dr. Shyam Prasad, Patna
Completed course in 2003
Consultant Urologist, Patna

Dr. Senthilkumar, Trichy
Completed course in 2004
Settled in Trichy, as consultant Urologist, Kaveri Medical Centre

Dr. Guru Balaji, Chennai
Completed course in 2005
Consultant Urologist, UK.

Dr. P. Soundararajan, Madurai
Completed course in 2006
Consultant Urologist, Madurai Apollo.

Dr. Sarathchandran, Namakkal
Completed course in 2007

Dr. R. Sathyanarayana, Chennai
Completed course in 2008

Dr. C. Satyan, Dharmapuri
Completed course in 2009
Thesis on Comparison between Rigiscan TNPTR and Intracorporal Injection in the Assessment of Erectile Dysfunction in Males

Dr. C. Nivedita, Namakkal
First lady candidate in Urology at MMHRC
Competed course in 2010
Thesis on Prognostic significance of CMG studies in Diabetic men with LUTS.

Dr. N. Srivatsa, Bangalore
Completed course in 2010

Dr. Shivaputra Kaple, Completing course in Dec 2011

Dr. Anilket K. Pandya, M.S.,(Gen. Sur), Completing course in Dec 2012

Dr. Arun Kumar, M.S.,(Gen. Sur), Completing course in Dec 2012

Dr. V. Praveen, M.S.,(Gen. Sur), Completing course in Dec 2013

Dr. H.N. Vikram, M.S.,(Gen. Sur), Completing course in Dec 2013


Conference Organized

Operative Urology workshop of TAPASUCON 2012

Conducted operative urology workshop of TAPASUCON 2012 in MMHRC. About 200 urologists were attended all over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Operative Workshop on Laser Prostatectomy by Jens Rassweiler, Germany 2007

A live operative workshop on the uses of Holmium Yag laser in Urology was conducted in July 2007 by Prof. Jens Rassweiler. The use of flexible scopes in the ureter with HoYag Laser for breaking calculi was demonstrated. Holmium ennucleation of the prostate was demonstrated for the first time. MMHRC procured its HoYag laser in 2007. Flexible URS and nephroscope were purchased in March 2008.

Operative Workshop for AMS Artificial Sphincter January 2006

Prof. Amit Chakravarty, USA demonstrated the AUS insertion in post prostatectomy incontinence with a successful outcome. Twenty urologists attended this meet.

Operative workshop Tension Free Vaginal Tape Insertion by Prof. Ajay Rane, Urogynaecologist, Australia 2002.

Attended by 20 Urologists and equal number of gynaecologists to see a new procedure for SUI in women.

Subsequently the Urological Society of India took over this exercise as a National USI activity from 2001.

The P. Subramanian 2nd National PG Training Programme 2000, February

Based on the success of the 1999 PG Training programme and Mock examination, a 2nd mock examination was conducted in 2000, however this time in honor of Dr. P. Subramanian who died at a young age. He had participated in the first PG programme as a teacher. Twenty five postgraduates participated in this exercise with over fifteen faculty members. Dr. P.P. Rao who attended the programme is an eminent laparoscopic surgeon at Mumbai.

First National PG Training Programme, 1999, February

The first ever National PG training programme was conducted at MMHRC for the education of exam going PGs. Mock examinations, case discussions, short cases, discussion on operations, procedures, X-rays, pathology specimens and surgical instruments were the unique features of this exercise attended by over 35 PGs from all over India with the participation of over 15 eminent faculty members. Dr. Mihir Desai who participated in this programme is faculty at Cleveland Clinic Ohio. Dr. Pranjal Modi who actually met the same examiner in his final exam is faculty at IKDRC, Ahmedabad.

Urological Association of Kerala Annual Meet, UAKON, 1998

Kerala Urology Association Annual meet was conducted in MMHRC during 1998.

First International Conference on Andrology 1997

An exciting conference attended by over 150 Urologists and general surgeons from far and wide. The faculty consisted of Drs. Ganesh Adaikan, Singapore, Mahesh Desai, Nadiad and Drs. Rupin Shah, Mumbai, Sudhakar Krishnamurti, Hyderabad and Azit Vaze, Mumbai.

Various luminaries from Chennai including past presidents Prof. C. Chinnasami, Prof. A. Rajasekaran, Prof. P. Vengopal, attended the meet.The president USI at that time, Dr. Nageswara Rao, attended this meet. It was an overwhelming success, the first ever andrology meet and workshop on that scale. There was a grand gala dinner at the Taj Retreat, Madurai.

GU Chapter Midterm Meet of ASI, 1997, Oct

The annual GU chapter meet of the ASI was conducted at MMHRC. Drs. Pradhan, Kolkata, secretary and president Biswas of the GU chapter were invited. Over 150 surgeons attended this meet.

Workshop on Electro ejaculation 1995, May

Prof. Seager, founder of the Seager electro ejaculator visited MMHRC and demonstrated live electro ejaculation on patients to an interested audience of 20 Urologists. He addressed the gathering with an impressive lecture. MMHRC procured the Model 14 Seager EEJ equipment in early 1996.

Andrology update 1994

The first of its kind conference on sexual problems with a unique public meet addressed by Prof. Prakash Kothari. A meet for over 150 general practitioners and general surgeons addressed by an eminent faculty consisting of Prof. Prakash Kothari, Mumbai, Prof. Narayana Reddy, Chennai, Drs. Rupin Shah, Mumbai and Sudhakar Krishnamurti, Hyderabad.

Urology update for General Surgeons, 1992.

The Faculty included Drs. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Mahendra Bhandari, S. Duraisamy and P.B. Sivaraman, Chennai. A very successful conference emphasizing the growth of Urology, it was attended by over 150 general surgeons. Essentially the conference focussed on the urologist's view, on the urological problems in the community with emphasis on minimally invasive surgery.

Urogynecology update 1991

Faculty consisted of eminent urologists - Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, Pondicherry, Dr. Shyam Joshi, Mumbai, Dr. K. Sashidharan, Manipal and Dr. N. Sethuraman, MMHRC.

Attended by over 100 general practitioners and gynaecologists. This update on Urogynaecology was way ahead of its time since the discipline of Urogynaecology came into vogue only in the early 2000's.


Academic Activities

The Academic Activities of the Department include:
  • NephroUrospice
    Two monthly CME conducted by the departments of Urology and Nephrology MMHRC for the benefit of postgraduates and practitioners.

  • Uroradiology Meet
    This is a monthly meet of urology and radiology departments of MMHRC with participants from outside. It is always well attended and interesting cases are discussed.

  • Uronephrology exercise
    This is a monthly meet of the urology and nephrology departments of the hospital, with interesting case discussions and X- ray topic discussion are the main highlights.

  • Department programmes
    The Departmental Programmes include case discussions twice a week, teaching rounds twice a week, Journal clubs, topic discussions are routine academic activities for PGs in the department. Each PG takes charge of specialized services like Urodynamics, Rigiscan, ESWL for a period of three months each.

Social Activities

  • The department has a get-together, along with the families, on the last Saturday of every month.
  • A short discussion on the performance of the department in the previous month, is followed by dinner.
  • The department conducts camps every month.
  • At these camps, for a nominal charge, investigations are done, including an abdominal ultrasound scan, done by a radiologist.
  • Deserving cases are screened and offered concessional treatment at MMHRC
  • Public programmes to create an awareness and educate people, are a part of these camps.
  • Andrology and sexual medicine camps are conducted once in three months.
  • These are associated with lectures on sexual education for the lay public, along with demonstrations of various equipments used in diagnosis and therapy.
  • The department participates in public fairs like the chithirai festival and other exhibitions, explaining about urological diseases through the medium of posters and specimens.


Future- Vision of Urology in the Coming Decade

  • To be at the cutting edge of technology always
  • To establish MMHRC as a centre of excellence in all subspecialties of Urology
  • To have consultants for each of the subspecialties
  • To have international tie-ups and promote exchange of faculty
  • To conduct major conferences in Urology as part of CME for urologists and general practitioners.
  • To serve people especially the poor and provide high class treatment at affordable cost.

Contact Us

Dr. R. Ravichandran 
E mail id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: +919442648266

All appointments can be fixed via e mail.

Dr. K.Venugopal
E mail id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: +919443058741

OPD Procedure

  • After taking a prior appointment, the patient will need to register at the appointed time at Reception.
  • After registration, the patient will be directed to the OP chamber of the Medical Officer.
  • Here the patient will undergo a physical examination including basic investigations, and a detailed medical history of the patient will be noted.
  • The patient can then see the concerned consultant, along with these records.
  •  Patients may see any consultant, any day, without prior appointment also.

Emergency Contact : 0452-2581212 ,Cardiac Emergency : 0452 -2585001