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Laboratory Services

MMHRC's Laboratory Services has been functioning for over two decades, forming the backbone of the hospital. The laboratory services offers more than 250 regular and specialized tests. The test menu includes clinical and Special chemistry, Histopathology, Hematology, Coagulation Studies, Serology, Microbiology, Endocrinology, Tumour markers, Cardiac Markers, Anaemic Disease, Immuno Histo Chemistry, and Chemiluminescence.



  • Received the EXCELLENCE AWARD from 18th Chapter convention on Quality, Circle Forum of India, Madurai Chapter, in 2008
  • Received the DISTINGUISHED AWARD from 19th Chapter convention on Quality, Circle Forum of India, Madurai Chapter, in the year 2009
  • Received DISTINGUISHED AWARD from National Convention Quality Control, Bangalore, in the year 2009


  • First lab to start the Cyclosporine test in South Tamilnadu for kidney transplant patients in year 2000.
  • First lab to have started Pseudo Cholinesterase test (Poison Test) when the IRCU was started in 1992
  • First lab to introduce fully Automated  biochemistry analyzer (DADE BHERING, ) in 1999
  • First lab to start RIA Method for Hormone Assays in 1996
  • First lab to introduce 3 Part Cell counter (Beckman Coulter, USA) Haematology analyzer in 2000
  • First lab to have started Immuno Histo Chemistry in 1996
  • Fully automated Biochemistry analyzer (Beckman Coulter CX5 CE, USA) higher throughput 450 test / Hour introduced in 2003.
  • The 5 Part Haematology Cell Counter Higher version introduced in 2004
  • First lab to start Western Blot test for Antibodies HIV in 1996.
  • First lab to start Nephlometry method for doing the C3, C4, IgG, IgM, IgA, RF, ASO, CRP Quantitative tests in Madurai
  • First lab to introduce External Quality Control Assurance Programme (EQAS) Biorad, USA and CMC Vellore in 2005
  • First lab to introduce Vacutainer Blood Collection Method to draw the blood, started in 2007
  • First lab to introduce fully automated Immuno chemistry analyzer (Beckman Coulter Access 2) for the method of Chemi Luminescence Immuno Assay Method (CLIA) in 2008
  • First lab to introduce Dry chemistry Analyzer Vitros DT//60, Johnson & Johnson Company for doing the routine biochemistry test, started in 2008
  • First lab to introduce fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer higher throughput 800 test / Hour
  • First lab to introduce the fully automated Haematology analyzer Higher throughput LH750 & LH 500 Model Equipment in the year 2008
  • First lab in India to introduce Beckman Coulter Unicel DxC 860i Integrated Auto Analyzer, which has a capacity of performing 1640 tests per hour and the delivering results of 11 parameters per minute (Modular Chemistry – Glucose, BVN, Creatinine, Protein, Albumin, Phosphorous, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate)

Quality Aspects

  • Participation in Bio-Rad Quality Control, USA
  • Participation at Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Participation at All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi
  • Inter-Laboratory Control Programme tie up with SRL Ranbaxy -Mumbai, Vimta Lab Services- Hyderabad and Ramachandra Hospital- Chennai.


Our laboratory services are backed by the best software available in the market for laboratory services. This is assisted by automated integration technology in order to maintain our exacting standards of excellence and quality.


Clinical Biochemistry

Name of Instrument
  • Beckman Coulter Unicel DxC 860i
  • Beckman Coulter Synchron CX9 Pro
  • Beckman Coulter Access 2 (Technology - Chemi Luminescence Immuno Assay(CLIA)
Special Tests
  • Serum Protein Electrophoresis
  • HB Electrophoresis
  • Ammonia
  • Cyclosporine Trough Level
  • Pseudo Cholinesterase Level
  • Renal Stone and Gall Bladder Stone Analysis
  • Adenosine De Aminase (ADA)
  • 24 Hrs Urine VMA



Name of Instrument
  • Beckman Coulter LH 750 Haematology Analyzer
  • Beckman Coulter LH 500 Haematology Analyzer
  • Coagulometer ACL Elite Pro (Instrumentation Laboratory )
  • Vesmatic 20 – ESR Analyzer (Transasia)
  • Urine Investigations - Bayer Analyzer
Special Tests
  • Sickle Cell
  • Reticulocyte count
  • G6PD
  • Osmotic Fragility


Microbiology - All cultures & Smears

  • We are doing the culture sensitivity of all body fluids like blood, sputum, semen, fungal and other body fluids
  • Gram stain, AFB stain, KOH stain and Indian ink preparation


  • We are doing the HIV, HBSAg, HCV in the vitros EciQ, Johnson & Jonhson  Company by chemiluminescence method
  • Other parameters, we are doing by ELISA method
Name of Instrument
  • Vitros EciQ - Chemiluminescence
  • Elisa Reader
  • Western Blot –HIV Testing


Special Tests

Name of Instrument
  • Automatic tissue processor (Yarco)
  • Microtome (Leica RM 2125 RT)
  • Cryostat microtome (Yarco)
  • Hot Air oven (Yarco)
  • Automatic knife sharpner (Yarco)
  • Micro oven (LG)
Special tests
  • Papanicolaou’s staining
  • Elastica van gieson kit
  • PAS staining kit
  • Masson goldner trichrome staining kit
  • Methanamine silver plating kit acc. to Gomori
  • Congo red staining kit
  • Alcian blue solution
  • Tb - color
Immuno-Histo Chemistry
Carcinoma markers CK, EMA, CEA
Sarcoma markers Vimentin, Desmin, CD117
Myeloid / lymphoid markers LCA, CD3, Tdt, CD33
Breast pathology ER, PR, Her2/Neu
Endocrine markers Synaptophysin, chromogranin
Small round cell marker CD99
Neuronal markers S100, GFAP


Research Activities & Training programmes

  • Provides handouts and served as a project guide for M.D. Pathology students of Urology department at Madurai Medical College on the topic of cytology correlation for bladder lesions
  • Biotechnology students in PR Engineering College, Tanjore, Anna University, Chennai in concurrence with surgical Gastroenterology department. Topic – Immunohistochemical spectrum of GISTS at different sites and their differential diagnosis with a reference to CD117 (KIT)
  • Conducted theory and practical classes in Pathology for final year B.Sc (MLT) & MHA students of MMHRC, Fathima college, Madurai & National Institute
  • Regularly provided handouts for clinical meetings and papers presented by various departments.
Emergency Contact : 0452-2581212 ,Cardiac Emergency : 0452 -2585001