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Intensive Respiratory Care Unit

The Intensive Respiratory Care Unit (IRCU) at MMHRC, assures maximum isolation, barrier nursing, privacy and sterility. This specialized department with 20 beds, provides intensive care and high dependency care in the same unit, with the aid of appropriate pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and diagnostic interventions and modest technical backup. We offer state-of-the-art care for respiratory diseases backed by trained physiotherapists, technicians and respiratory nurses.

Our technical arsenal includes sophisticated monitoring devices, drug delivery, and the new generation of mechanical ventilators, aided by smooth man-machine interactions. We take pride in the dynamic monitoring of patients with respiratory disorders, by a dedicated team, which is motivated and guided by a team of Anaesthesiologists, delivering excellent care with a humane touch.


Facilities & Equipment

  • Surfactant therapy
  • Percutaneous dilational tracheostomies.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic fibre-optic bronchoscopy.
  • Advanced mechanical ventilatory therapy including Neonatal ventilation.
  • Central venous and arterial cannulations and temporary cardiac pacing.
  • Mechanical ventilatory support for post-operative and poly-trauma patients.
  • Management of complicated Organo-phosphorus poisoning with encouraging outcomes.
  • Orientation, teaching and training programmes for medics and paramedics


  • Dr. K.S. Anand, M.D (Anaes) - Sr. Consultant


  • Enhancing practical skills in the management of complex equipments, monitoring procedures and performance of invasive techniques. 
  • Enhancing clinical skills in recognizing, preventing and managing critical illness, infection control and organ support.
  • Our key to success is patient centric.
  • We deliver comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care with a coordinated, collaborative and cost effective approach, in a compassionate and healing environment.




Emergency Contact : 0452-2581212 ,Cardiac Emergency : 0452 -2585001